The Story Of Che Guevara By : Lucía Álvarez de Toledo

The Story Of Che Guevara
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Che Guevara is something of a symbol in the West. But for the rest of the world he is different: a charismatic revolutionary who redrew the political map of Latin America and gave hope to those resisting colonialism everywhere. In The Story of Che GuevaraLucía Álvarez de Toledo follows Che from his birth in Rosario and his early years in his parent's maté plantation, to his immortal motorcycle journeys across South America, his role at the heart of Castro's new Cuban government, and through to the unforgiving jungle that formed the backdrop to his doomed campaigns in the Congo and Bolivia.

Based on interviews with Che's family and those who knew him intimately, this is an accessible biography that concentrates on the man rather than the icon. With the political developments in Latin America in the twenty-first century, his influence can be seen to be even greater than it was during his lifetime and The Story of Che Guevara is a perfect introduction to an extraordinary man.

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Number of Pages: 464 Pages
Bar Code: 9781849160407
Publisher: Quercus Publishing PLC (UK)
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