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Path Of The Pearl: Discover Your Treasures Within
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Throughout history, the pearl has enchanted and delighted seekers of beauty, rarity, wealth and power. But the pearl's mystique goes far beyond jewellery as a personal adornment. Treasured by royalty, stolen by pirates and hoarded in secret dragon's lairs, the promise of the pearl and its legendary mystical, restorative and healing powers, have ignited imaginations for centuries. PATH OF THE PEARL captures the strength of this enduring symbol by using the pearl as a metaphor for personal growth. A pearl oyster, invaded by an irritant that it can't expel, turns adversity into a glowing iridescent work of nature's art. This book acknowledges and celebrates the similar path shared by women, particularly in midlife. The author invites the reader to assess her own life's journey using the same six criteria used by merchants for grading pearls - colour, size, lustre, orient and surface perfection. Each criteria offers a new way of recognising and embracing one's whole self, complete with imperfections and rejoicing in the hard-earned wisdom obtained by overcoming adversity. This gentle reassuring self-exploration allows readers to connect with their deeper selves and evaluate their progress through the lens of the pearl, serving as a reminder that even life's worst and most painful challenges can be transformed into things of beauty

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