Friends: Why Men and Women are from the Same Planet Paperback By : Lisa Gee

Friends: Why Men and Women are from the Same Planet Paperback
Why is there only one acceptable ending to the Boy meets Girl story? Divorce rates sky-high. Relationships floundering. Perhaps it's time we focused on our friendships with the opposite sex instead, because friendship can be every bit as important as romance. And, when sex doesn't get in the way, insecurities diminish and communication becomes much easier. Men and women can come from the same planet after all! Interviewing friends and siblings, Lisa Gee finds out how they communicate, what they give each other that no one else can, whether sex [for the friends] ever did get in the way. Why, she asks, has every bond between men and women become so sexualized? How have changes in family life and our desire for independence affected our emotional make up? Addressing all these issues, she shows us how friendships across the gender divide are more widespread and necessary than ever before. Lively and insightful, "Friends" is guaranteed to make you re-think your interactions with the opposite sex.

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Number of Pages: 256 Pages
Bar Code: 9780747570165
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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  • Author: Lisa Gee
    Publication Date: 09/06/2004
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