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Smart Skills: Persuasion

Patrick Forsyth

Key features concise and practical, this book offers easy lessons that help readers learn the subtle..

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Successful Time Management

Patrick Forsyth

Successful Time Management highlights a vital skill, one that is essential in today’s pressurised wo..

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Outsmarting Your Competitors Techniques of Sales Excellence to Build Profitable Business

Patrick Forsyth

Selling has never been easy. In fact, in today\'s competitive markets, it can be downright difficult..

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Marketing Essential Principles

Patrick Forsyth

Marketing Essential principles, new realities has been researched, developed and written primarily w..

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Patrick Forsyth

An unusual mixture of skills and knowledge is required for effective training of sales and marketing..

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Conditions Apply -

Patrick Forsyth

Conditions Apply Is A Comical Exploration Of Modern Social Values As Seen By Its Outrageously Funny ..

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Brilliant Communication: Business Solutions Series

Patrick Forsyth

Communication seems so simple, yet breakdowns in communication abound and serious misunderstandings ..

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