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TRANSGRESSIONS: Poems Inspired by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Anjum Altaf

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is considered among the most popular modern poets of Urdu. The poems in this collect..

Rs 895 Rs 716.00 Ex Tax: Rs 716.00

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich, based on the author’s famed Law of Success, represents the distilled wisdom of ..

Rs 795 Rs 636.00 Ex Tax: Rs 636.00

The world between us

Sara Naveed

When Amal finds out that her disastrous Tinder match is now going to be her boss, she can't be more ..

Rs 795 Rs 636.00 Ex Tax: Rs 636.00

The Song in the Night

Qazi fasih

In the Indus River Delta, the villagers who live along its waterways have rebelled against the const..

Rs 595 Rs 565.25 Ex Tax: Rs 565.25

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Joseph Murphy

This book will give you the key to the most awesome power within your reach! This remarkable book ha..

Rs 795 Rs 675.75 Ex Tax: Rs 675.75

The Miracles of Your Mind

Joseph Murphy

In this work Dr. Joseph Murphy expands on his theory that the latent powers inherent in our subconsc..

Rs 250 Rs 200.00 Ex Tax: Rs 200.00

The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank

Anne Frank's diary needs no introduction. This beautifully written memoir of a young girl caught in ..

Rs 795 Rs 675.75 Ex Tax: Rs 675.75

The Corridor


The Corridor..

Rs 350 Rs 297.50 Ex Tax: Rs 297.50

The Battle For Pakistan - (PB)

Shuja Nawaz

The Battle for Pakistan showcases a marriage of convenience between unequal partners. The relationsh..

Rs 1995 Rs 1,596.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,596.00

Security Threats to North East India

Lt. Gen. N.S. Narahari

The North-East region is a crucible where Aryan, Dravidian and Mongoloid races are intermixed. This ..

Rs 980 Rs 931.00 Ex Tax: Rs 931.00

Pakistan for Women

Maliha Abbas Abidi

Pakistan for women is a book about 50+ real stories of amazing women who belong to Pakistan and have..

Rs 2500 Rs 2,375.00 Ex Tax: Rs 2,375.00

New Kings of the World

Fatima Bhutto

There is a vast cultural movement emerging from the Global South and sweeping all before it. India’s..

Rs 995 Rs 945.25 Ex Tax: Rs 945.25

National Assembly Electons in Pakistan 1970-2008

Liberty / Alligator

This book has nine sections each dealing with a general election held between 1970-2008. Each sectio..

Rs 1500 Rs 1,425.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,425.00

My World Picture Dictionary


Picture dictionary is a compact introduction to the use of dictionary. It teaches the child to look ..

Rs 250 Rs 237.50 Ex Tax: Rs 237.50

my laminates book of colours shapes


my laminates book of colours shapes..

Rs 175 Rs 166.25 Ex Tax: Rs 166.25

My Laminated Book of Numbers


My Laminated Book of Numbers..

Rs 175 Rs 166.25 Ex Tax: Rs 166.25

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