By: K.K.Aziz

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May, 20 2009
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In Pakistan, with a population of 120 million, we have only five or six historians of any repute. And, like governments, people get the historians they deserve. This book tries to seek some explanations of this massive failure.

Is historical resource material available in our libraries, archives, and museums? Why don’t people preserve papers of historical importance? Why don’t leaders write their memoirs? Why does the All India Muslim League still lack a chronicler, Jinnah his biographer, and all major movement and parties their historians? Why is historian discouraged from objectively prying into the past? Why are Pakistanis indifferent to their history? How are out history teachers trained, appointed, promoted and how is history taught?

The historian ought to have a command of several languages if he is to base his inquiry on original sources. Is the Pakistani historian equipped for this? How are historian treated by publishers and reviewers?

In this book, the greatest living historian of the country answers these questions with his usual perception, grasp, and verve. What he says should interest all those who make, write, interpret, read and teach history.