Dil Darya Samandar

Dil Darya Samandar

Dil Darya Samandar

By: Wasif Ali Wasif

Publication Date:
Jan, 01 2020
Hard Back
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This is one of those books that deserve to be read again and again till each and every word is fully absorbed, understood, and retained in memory for life. When I had begun reading this book, I remember treating it with detached reverence, and it was only when I had read the chapter Main aur Main that I began allowing this book to penetrate deeper. When you start taking these kind of books seriously and give them their needed contemplation, only then can they move and inspire. Yaad took my breath away. Many passages and many lines had come before this chapter that sent a jolt through me, but the impact this chapter had, no word had before or could have after. Of course, the reasons were all personal and those times are strange when you read something and feel as if the writer had known you and your thoughts and your life. You feel connected to a person you've never met, who never knew you, just because he wrote a certain bunch of words. So, apart from the wisdom this book holds within its pages, this book is special to me because of those very bunch of words that made me feel less alone in ways I cannot begin to tell you.

If I leave all of that aside and write about this book objectively, then I have to applaud Wasif sir for his brilliant style. Each sentence could pass off as an aphorism and that's some achievement. Considering the depth and wisdom of its chapters, this book is written in an uncharacteristic simple way and is, strangely, a very quick read. I say uncharacteristic because such books are often written in a tedious, complex and verbose manner, with long elaborate sentences, half of them going over your head. His sentence is short, curt, pithy, well-phrased and yet contains all the profundity of this world. He has a knack at building dichotomies, writing about paradoxes and ironies of life and reality that make you think hard and long, and he does all of this with great perfection. Nowhere do you hear the rant and pretentious didacticism of a moralist, instead a subtle and enlightening wisdom of one of the finest spiritualists and philosophers of our country.

Another personal thing: I had written A drop of water, a small passage, a long time ago on my blog, long before I had come across this book. It was startling to see the qatrah qulzum here as one of Wasif sir's most beautiful metaphors. Of course, we differ completely in our meanings, but to share a metaphor with this guy still makes me want to gloat shamelessly.(Actually, Iam gloating shamelessly as I write this.) But ignore all these personal and biased reasons. This book is truly worth reading and worth rereading and rereading yet again. Do try.