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Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

By: Dr. Sheeza Mohsin

Publication Date:
Dec, 30 2020
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Are you suffering in your relationship but scared that couples counseling will strain it more because your culture is not understood?

Were you raised by South Asian Parents but have grown up in a different country, with so many conflicting thoughts?

Do you feel like if you choose what you want in life, or who you want; you will be disappointing someone important?

Do you feel like your family does not understand you? Are you in a relationship with someone who as South Asian roots and are struggling to understand them?

Do you consider yourself progressive and struggle with your families' perspective on life, relationships and how to be?

Dr. Sheeza Mohsin, who has worked with numberless clients of South Asian heritage, helps uncover the core issues individuals, couples and families struggle with when they feel torn between tradition, culture and their current beliefs. 

Dr. Sheeza modifies and translates many western therapeutic interventions to help you understand your multi-cultural identity, so you can resolve your relationships challenges and feel good about yourself. Her examples about relationships, teenagers, sex, marriage, infidelity, and family dynamics are on point for those with South Asian roots. Her perspective on considerations for pursuing professional help and understanding what will come in your way of changing are thought provoking and insightful. The step-by-step model helps you start thinking about your emotional and relational challenges in a way that you can get clarity on how to organize your thoughts, understand your family better and start setting goals for feel better, emotionally stronger and eventually content with your life. Most importantly you learn how to be kind to yourself and honor your journey. 

Discover how you got where you are in your relationships so you can understand the core issues you need to work on Learn about yourself before you get into a romantic relationship that is important. Gain insight on your own challenge so you can understand why you could be struggling in your relationship. Learn powerful techniques and tools to stop suffering and healthy communications skills so you can have deep and important conversations with your loved ones Develop healthy relationships by learning healthy emotional behaviors that will help you sustain healthy and meaningful relationships while managing the difficult ones. 

In her step-by-step process, Dr. Sheeza helps you navigate tough emotional spaces, set goals on what you want to change and create an environment where you can feel understood and thrive. Her examples and case studies make this book so relatable; the South Asian Community in the US and all over the world can benefit from her models and therapeutic approach. Dr. Sheeza takes into account the cultural norms and heavy expectations, so you can discover possibilities for finding clarity and a possible solution to your relationship challenge. So get on track to living life in fulfilling way, with your whole self – feeling worthy and confident. Order a copy for you and your loved ones today!