An Itinerant Observer

An Itinerant Observer

An Itinerant Observer

By: Asad Mian

Publication Date:
May, 05 2014
Hard Back
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"Dr. Mian's thoughtful and often humorous vignettes of his life and people he has encountered in Texas, Karachi, and elsewhere are entertaining, while also offering us valuable insights into our differences."
—Frances Allday, publisher of Houston Inner Looper newspaper

"An Itinerant Observer belongs in a genre of its own. It is refreshing, delightful, full of priceless gems of wisdom, expressed in gentle, poignant and humorous tones. It's the journey of a sensitive soul who tries to honestly and effortlessly convey incidents that have occurred in his life that are thought-provoking, philosophical, yet beautifully simple. After reading a few lines, you will become a partner in this unique journey and the characters will stay pleasantly engraved in the library of your mind. An Itinerant Observer is a treasure."
—Dr. Ansul Noor, author of Soul-Fire: A Mystical Journey Through Poetry

"An Itinerant Observer pulls you in gently and takes you along on an always absorbing and often moving ride, traversing cultures, identities, perspectives, and paradigms. Asad Mian's prose is deft and direct, his style fluent and intimate. This is a very welcome new voice in the flourishing genre of South Asian fiction."
—Saad Shafqat, author