All In One Book 11 - Hardcover

All In One Book 11 - Hardcover

All In One Book 11 - Hardcover

By: JBD Press

Publication Date:
Jan, 01 2020
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“All In One” contains diverse subjects and topics ranging from Interviews of Top Position- holders, Essays, Expansion of Ideas, Articles on Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Important National and International News along with MCQs, Personality Profiles, Geography of the World, General Science 81 Ability, Articles on Media, Solved Papers, Tips & Tricks for the CSS candidates and Political and Social Issues facing the country and the world at large. A special attention has been paid to include material that is most relevant to CSS, PMS exam especially after the revision of syllabus for CSS. Jahangir’s World Times, with a noble mission to spread light of knowledge, introduced the volume in your hand entitled “All in One”. All In One World Time Magazine This treatise contains selected articles from the 2016 issues of Jahangir’s World Times — Pakistan’s premier Current Affairs magazine and the top choice of CSS, PMS aspirants as well as teachers besides those who wish to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments across the globe. JWT’s initiative of publishing “All In One”, exhibits our resolve to provide the students with requisite preparation material for the greater benefit and guidance of CSS, PMS candidates and those interested in keeping a record of world’s important events. The book, first of its type in Pakistan, is rare and unique and is a must-read for the university students, professors and aspirants of all competitive exams. All In One World Time Magazine