Mangolian Pot - Hardcover

Mangolian Pot - Hardcover

Mangolian Pot - Hardcover

By: Sirajuddin Aziz

Publication Date:
Jan, 01 2019
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Mongolian Pot is an anthology of Sirajuddin Aziz’s articles on a varied spectrum of topics including politics, leadership, social etiquette and history, which were published over the course of the last four decades.

In the prologue of the book, the author states that his writings have been inspired by real life events. Speaking at the book launch, Mr. Aziz said, “This publication was lovingly curated over a large part of my life. In publishing this book, I hope that readers can learn vicariously through my observations, thoughts, learnings and advice.” This is the author’s sixth publication.

Retd. Lt. General Moinuddin Haider, who was the Chief Guest at the book launch event commented, “Mongolian Pot is interesting to read in terms of its simplicity and its ease of understanding. It’s fortunate that Mr. Sirajuddin Aziz finds time to write for the society from his busy work life! His willingness to contribute to the society is commendable!”

Speaking at the event, Former senator Javed Jabbar said, “Mongolian Pot exhibits the simplicity and directness of Mr. Aziz ‘s writing. It is a delicious potpourri of his intellect.”

Mr. Ikram Sehgal, Chairman of Pathfinder Group & K Electric, remarked, “In Mongolian Pot, Mr. Aziz has touched upon leadership, integrity, democracy and appreciation of the armed forces. It was a delightful read.