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logic and Transcendence Hardcover

logic and Transcendence Hardcover

logic and Transcendence Hardcover

By: Frithjof Schuon

Publication Date:
Jan, 01 2004
Hard Back
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“This work is a veritable hymn to the intellect and of the intellect. It penetrates in unparalleled fashion into the labyrinth of modern philosophical thought to unveil solutions to problems which would seem to be otherwise insoluble. In fact most often Schuon provides solutions for currently debated philosophical problems by demonstrating them to be the results of ill posed questions. He removes the opaqueness and ambiguity of modern rationalism and irrationalism like the morning sun whose very appearance dispels the fog. This work is one of Schuon’s metaphysical masterpieces, and one of the most important philosophical works of this century if philosophy be understood in its traditional sense as the love of wisdom.”

– Seyyed Hossein Nasr


“The man is a living wonder: intellectually a propos religion equally in depth and breadth, the paragon of our time. I know of no living thinker who begins to rival him.” –Huston Smith