Explorers: Reptiles - Paperback

Explorers: Reptiles  - Paperback

Explorers: Reptiles - Paperback

By: Claire Llewellyn

Publication Date:
May, 21 2013
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This innovative series uses storytelling as the gateway to learning and exploration. Six action-packed story-scenes are followed by photographic information spreads which provide scientific detail and background. Each title can be read front to back, or the reader can follow special 'page links' for a thematic exploration. This series is perfect for emerging readers who are beginning to exercise wider reading, research and cross-referencing skills.

Reptiles are a source of endless fascination for children. Starting with the basic question of "What is a reptile?" and proceeding through habitat, feeding, hunting, survival strategies, and bearing young, Explorers: Reptiles draws readers in through a series of six beautiful story scenes that place reptile behavior in the context of the natural world. Each spread is followed with a detail page full of photographs and scientific explanations that expand on the elements in the previous scene. Young readers can choose to read the book sequentially, or to move through the book following thematic links that interest them such as "environmental science". This book is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of reptiles from the smallest lizard to the biggest alligator and everything in between.