The Esc Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine - (HB)

The Esc Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine - (HB)

The Esc Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine - (HB)

By: A John Camm

Publication Date:
Jan, 17 2006
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The ESC Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine is the first ever cardiovascular textbook to be published in partnership with an international society and is set to become the new benchmark for cardiologists in Europe and beyond. * Follows the ESC Core Syllabus * Compatible with ESC Guidelines and best practice * Accompanying online version with CME accreditation * Strong clinical focus and consistent format * Full colour illustrations throughout As a teaching or training text structured around the ESC Core Syllabus, The ESC Textbook contains the knowledge that every general cardiologist should strive to attain and keep current. It does not try to contain everything a sub-specialist should know about the field. It does, however, cover the entire field of cardiovascular medicine and unlike other texts the first six chapters are dedicated to diagnostic imaging. Imaging modalities are also discussed within the subsequent chapters on different disorders and diseases and referenced back to the first chapters. The highly respected editor and contributor team have ensured a strong clinical focus throughout The ESC Textbook.
There are over 120 contributing authors from 12 European countries all of whom are internationally recognised specialists in their field, but chosen as much for their ability as writers as for their knowledge. The result is a balanced, expert and comprehensive review of each topic. All chapters follow the same format so that there are no inconsistencies in style or content. Each chapter opens with a brief "Summary" box detailing the scope of the chapter and ends with a "Personal Perspectives" box in which the author outlines the state of the art and future directions for the area. With approximately 1100 pages, The Textbook is succinct, focused and practical to use. Only key references are included so that readability is not inhibited by overly dense text. It is also visually appealing with an image on every two-page spread. There are over 700 full colour images and over 230 informative tables. All of the illustrations (and all of the ECG traces too) have been re-drawn to ensure consistency of style and quality. This truly outstanding art programme means that techniques and concepts are easy to grasp. An online version of The ESC Textbook is provided with each printed copy.
A card with the website address and a unique access number is bound into every book. The unique access number is used when registering, at which point a user name and password can be chosen. Using the website is straightforward and technical help is available if needed. The online version contains all the text and images from The ESC Textbook as well as: * An excellent full text search facility * Downloadable PDF chapter files * Links from reference lists to PubMed * A database of video clips supplied by the authors * Chapter based CME multiple choice questions The provision of high quality CME for cardiologists and trainees in Europe is a key priority of the ESC. In line with this aim, accreditation of chapters in The ESC Textbook is awarded by EBAC (The European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology).