Troublesome Words Paperback

Troublesome Words Paperback

Troublesome Words Paperback

By: Bill Bryson

Publication Date:
Oct, 01 2009
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What is the difference between mean and medianblatant and flagrantflout and flaunt? Is it whodunnit or whodunit? Do you know? Are you sure?

With Troublesome Words, journalist and bestselling travel-writer Bill Bryson gives us a clear, concise and entertaining guide to the problems of English usage and spelling that has been an indispensable companion to those who work with the written word for over twenty years.

So if you want to discover whether you should care about split infinitives, are cursed with an uncontrollable outbreak of commas or were wondering if that newsreader was right to say 'an historic day', this superb book is the place to find out.