The Complete Book of US Presidents

The Complete Book of US Presidents

The Complete Book of US Presidents

By: Bill Yenne

Publication Date:
Jun, 02 2020
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From the first president, George Washington, to the most recent past president, Barack Obama, the United States has seen a host of extraordinary men take office. Their stories are all included in The Complete Book of US Presidents by journalist and historian Bill Yenne.

This book features short, biographical essays about the lives of 44 presidents, jam-packed with unusual details and expounding on the significant roles each commander-in-chief played in the shaping of the United States and its relations with the world. Lavishly illustrated, including each president's official White House portrait, sidebars about each and every vice president and First Lady, and interesting anecdotes, this book is accessible to a broad audience and will captivate any history lover during election season.

The Complete Book of US Presidents is an expansive collection that reflects on America's rich presidential history, telling the story of a nation through the biographies of some of its greatest political