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The Big Fat Truth

The Big Fat Truth

The Big Fat Truth

By: J.D. Roth

Publication Date:
May, 02 2016
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Being comfortable is keeping you right where you are today: unhappy, unmotivated and sitting on the sidelines. Being uncomfortable is where the JD magic really starts. JD sees a much bigger brighter future for you. This book will not only help you see it, too, but it will help you believe you can get there. So if you are ready to stop playing the blame game, get rid of the victim mentality, and stop looking for a magic bullet for your weight problems . . . if you are ready to be your own hero and do the work as the star of your own TV show, then The Big Fat Truth is absolutely the right book for you.

Every fat person (yes, 'fat person' - there is no sugarcoating here) knows that you need to move more and eat less to shed pounds. Not exactly rocket science. Yet that simple formula doesn't get to the root of what makes someone top out at 500 pounds, or sometimes just carry an extra fifty. The missing link in transformative weight loss is mental and emotional fortitude. Mining the same problem-solving and motivational skills JD has used so successfully with reality show contestants, The Big Fat Truth gets readers to address the real reasons they're overweight (and nobody gets away with saying it's because they love food). With his combination of enthusiasm, empathy, no-holds-barred style, and master story-telling abilities, JD helps them unearth and tackle the unresolved issues they've buried under the French fries and chocolate chip cookies.