Lines and Drawings by SADEQUAIN

Lines and Drawings by SADEQUAIN

Lines and Drawings by SADEQUAIN

By: Dr salman ahmad

Publication Date:
Nov, 25 2016
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This book by SADEQUAIN Foundation titled Lines and Drawings by SADEQUAIN is the first comprehensive collection of more than 300 drawings. It is a result of more than four years of research and discovery of his drawings spread from Japan, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Middle East, Europe, and North America In technical terms the drawings in this book display the unity of disciplines of drawing, calligraphy as well as the traditions of Urdu and Persian poetry which Sadequain shared to his core. Most importantly, the drawings in this book show how Sadequain’s lines, whether complex or simple, performed magically with the complexity of a well-orchestrated symphony; they represent poetry of color, harmony of rhythm, and the power of a tempest. It is hoped that this book will be helpful in analyzing the imagery in Sadequain’s drawings and establishing the links to appropriate historical and cultural context. Its empirical research and textual contents are balanced to address the sensitivities that attempt to compare and contrast arbitrary and loaded concepts.