Farthest North

Farthest North

Farthest North

By: Fergus Fleming

Publication Date:
Oct, 29 2002
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The Incredible Expedition to the Frozen Latitudes of the North

These are the diaries of Nansen's lunatic three-year long expedition to the North Pole, which made him the John Krakauer of his age. In 1893 Fridtjof Nansen set sail for the North Pole in the Fram, a ship specially designed to be frozen into the polar ice cap, withstand its crushing pressures, and so drift North. Experts said that such a mission was tantamount to suicide. This is the stirring first-person account of this historic voyage. Nansen tells of his expedition's struggle against snowdrifts, ice floes, polar bears, scurvy, gnawing hunger, and the seemingly endless polar night that transformed the Fram into a "cold prison of loneliness." Setting out in the end on a harrowing fifteen-month sledge journey to reach his destination by foot, he was required them to share a sleeping bag of rotting reindeer fur and to feed the weaker sled dogs to the stronger ones. Given up for dead, he traveled 146 miles farther north than anyone else in the past four hundred years.

For the first time in 100 years this version contains the complete unabridged journey with some photographs that have not been seen for 100 years. Also included are photographs from the original Norwegian edition and a few photographs that were never published before.