World of Knowledge : The Universe

World of Knowledge : The Universe

World of Knowledge : The Universe

By: 66 Books LTD UK

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Jun, 16 2021
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How was our solar system formed? What is a solar eclipse? What is a supernova?

Here are some examples of questions that the young reader will find answers to in this book. The information it contains explains, for example, what the Big Bang was and what it led to, and allows you to understand the most complex astronomical phenomena.

Thanks to the descriptions of planets, meteors, stars and zodiac signs, the endless sky will turn out to be less mysterious, and the cosmos much closer and extremely fascinating.

Numerous colorful and detailed illustrations presenting all the issues discussed - from the structure of the Sun and planets, through the rotation of the Milky Way to the stellar energy - make it easier to learn about the complicated and, at the same time, extremely interesting knowledge about the universe.