Putting Pakistan Right By : Moazzam Husain

Putting Pakistan Right
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  • Author: Moazzam Husain
    Publication Date: 25/10/2016
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Compelling perspectives, deep insights Putting Pakistan Right is set out simply and concisely • What ails Pakistan • What is taking it so long to fix its ailments • What matters and what doesn’t • Is the future better than the past? This is not an academic piece, neither a journalistic perspective on events. Instead the book contains perspectives gained from living and working in Pakistan and from talking to a cross section of Pakistani society. These perspectives open windows on some key themes which are addressed in this book: Pakistan’s struggle against religious extremism, energy shortages, its position as a transit corridor and issues it faces in urban and economic development. These themes are often intertwined. Each of these themes is further fleshed out and illustrated by short pieces that offer vistas into the fundamental issues that need to be overcome. Pakistan is a troubled country. On that there would be widespread consensus. This easy to read and simple to understand template hopes to leave the reader with a deeper appreciation on the issues facing contemporary Pakistan and what needs to be done to put them right.

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Number of Pages: 220 Pages
Bar Code: 9781530377251
Publisher: Cresset Press
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