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Unlimited Power is a self-help book written by Anthony Robbins for the seekers of success. It is a step-by-step guide that attempts to help the readers understand the technique of giving their best and achieving the required goals. For those who wish to have a higher quality of life, it is essential to learn the art of harnessing one’s mind. According to the author, the age-old truth states that by controlling the power of one’s mind, an individual can create and have anything he/she wants. Thus, Unlimited Power is a fitness guide for those who wish to cultivate their minds. It teaches the readers regarding how to have control over their financial and emotional freedom. Moreover, Robbins gives tips on how to attain self-confidence and leadership. The readers will also find out about ways to win the co-operation of others in this book. This, in turn, leads to the path of rejuvenation and superior performance to achieve success. The book has been divided into three sections. After an introduction by Sir Jason Winters, the book starts with its first section that deals with the modeling of human excellence. The second section explores the ultimate success formula and how to achieve it. And finally, the last section is about the leadership. It discusses the challenges of excellence.

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