Cheiro's Book of Numbers: Chaldean Numerology Explained By : Count Louis Hamon Cheiro

Cheiro's Book of Numbers: Chaldean Numerology Explained
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  • Author: Count Louis Hamon Cheiro
    Publication Date: 30/11/-0001
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Cheiro is "the best astrologer" who belongs to the 20th century who acquired his expertise in India from the Brahmins. It is strange that we have to learn numerology, palmistry and astrology from others who inturn learnt it from Indians !!! The paper quality is good. This book gives you the basic idea about the people born on different dates(1-9), their characteristics, their lucky color, lucky days and precise info regarding the most dreadful number 4 and 8. I have read few books and followed some famous numerologists. I have found the findings of one person being contrary to another. After reading this book, I got a complete picture and I was able to correlate better. I would highly recommend every person who in interested in numerology or a beginner to study his works as it is very clearly explained why things are the way they are and the influence of the numbers on us

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Number of Pages: 162 Pages
Bar Code: 9780099483809
Publisher: Random House
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