SI- Rumi: Whispers of the Beloved - (PB) By : Maryam Mafi & Azima Melita Kolin

SI- Rumi: Whispers of the Beloved - (PB)
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A breathtaking new collection of translations of poems by Rumi, one of the world’s most loved mystical teachers. Beautifully illustrated with Persian calligraphy, this is an ideal ebook for every MBS reader.

Jalal-uddin Rumi was born in what is now Afghanistan in 1207. His poetry has inspired generations of spiritual seekers, both from his own Sufi school and well beyond. His poems speak to the seeker and the lover in all of us.

In recent years, interest in Rumi has skyrocketed, with perrfomances, CDs by Deepak Chopra, and filmed versions of his life all in the work. In these beautiful, simple new translations – 100 in all – his timeless appeal is obvious.

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Number of Pages: 128 Pages
Bar Code: 9780722539811
Publisher: Thorsons
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