Military Inc Second Edition: Inside Pakistan's Military Economy By : Ayesha Siddiqa

Military Inc Second Edition: Inside Pakistan's Military Economy
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  • Author: Ayesha Siddiqa
    Publication Date: 30/11/2016
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Pakistan is a strategic ally of the US in the ‘war on terror’. It is the third largest recipient of US aid in the world. Yet Pakistan is a state run by its army and intelligence service. Operating in the shadows, Pakistan’s military industrial complex owns and controls swathes of the economic and political landscape of the country. Military Inc. dares to illuminate the military as an oppressive holding company possessing not just security-related businesses, but also hotels, shopping malls, insurance companies, banks, farms and even an airline. The result is a deeply undemocratic society, where money is funnelled towards the military's economic enterprises, leaving those in need of it impoverished and effectively disenfranchised. With an empirical richness, and a view to Pakistan’s recent history, Ayesha Siddiqa offers a detailed and powerful case study of a global phenomenon: corruption, hollow economic growth and elitism. This new edition includes a chapter on the recent developments of the military's foray into the media, and a new preface.

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Number of Pages: 400 Pages
Bar Code: 9780143429883
Publisher: Pluto Press
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