The Diary: 100 Days and Lessons in Corporate Communications By :

The Diary: 100 Days and Lessons in Corporate Communications
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Beginning work in a multinational bank should have been the ideal first job after university for young Arthur Shilling. But the world of internal communications was not as straightforward as first it appeared to the young stalwart. Mistakes, confusions and the errors of others force Arthur into all sorts of interesting and hilarious encounters - many of which anyone in any business anywhere in the world will instantly recognize. The Diary is a brilliant mix of the innermost aspirations, fears and thoughts of an inexperienced communications executive. But Arthur has help in the form of a regular email dialogue with Professor Steven Charteris, his former university lecturer, who regularly puts him straight on a number of communication issues varying in complexity. And then there s Arthur s mentor, the mysterious Mr Bose, who offers advice and wisdom to the troubled executive and, of course, the reader. Both of these sages explain to Arthur the machinations and proper manner by which communications should work in big organizations today. Simon Maier captures in sharp, episodic and entertaining detail the workings of big business and, in particular, the machinations of corporate and internal communications - the conundrums, headaches and confusions that anyone at any level in a large company will have experienced. The book is very funny, but also gives a careful and rich guide along with a series of lessons into how communications can and should work well for the individual and the corporation.

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