Death of Wolverine By : Charles Soule

Death of Wolverine
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  • Author:Charles Soule
    Publication Date:28/01/2016
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Logan is no stranger to death. He's killed thousands. He's watched teammates, friends and lovers die. Now, stripped of his healing factor, the X-Man and Avenger faces his own date with the reaper. There's a bounty on his head, a price big enough to put a horde of enemies and assassins on his trail. The race is on to find Wolverine, but who put out the contract? Sabretooth? Viper? Or someone even worse? When Logan discovers that his mystery foe wants him alive, he turns on the offensive. Collecting: Death of Wolverine 1-4

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Number of Pages:144 Pages
Bar Code:9780785191636
Publisher:Hachette Book Group (HBG) USA
What's in the Box?1 x Death of Wolverine

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