LiI Princess Dominoes Diva By : BPI

LiI Princess Dominoes Diva
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Set-up: Shuffle all the dominoes so that no player can see t - pictures on them. Distribute five dominoes to each player. K • the remaining dominoes on one side with their picture sill down. This is called the 'Princess Arcade'. Note:The winner of thegame will becalled'DorninoesDiva'. Target: Be the first playertoplaydownallyourdominoes. How to play: Each player gets five dominoes. Players should not show thei dominoes to their opposite player(s). Player 1 opens the gam: and places any of her dominoes in the centre. Play continues in clockwise manner. Player 2 should play a domino that medie one of the open ends of the previously played domino. Po example, if player 1 plays a domino withou Li'l Princeu's guitar a one end and tiara on the other, player 2 shldalso play a with Li I Princess'sguitar or her ham at its either end. If the pier has a similar domino, she should place it to the side of th. previously played domino. If a player cannot match an object, she must draw one tile • the 'Princess Arcade' and add it to her dominoes. If this tile d • not match, her turn gets overand the next player Plays hermove. Doubledominoes are always placed crosswise, soas toadda n • direction to the game. Matching the dominoes can, in this case continue from both sides. The first player to get rid of all her dominoes wins thegameandi • eclared the 'Domino Diva'.

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