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Unio Mystica I : Talks On Hakim Sanais The Hadiqa -
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The story of Hakim Sanai, the 12th Century Persian court poet, begins like a political thriller. He’s moving with the Sultan of Persia and his military forces on an expedition to conquer India. But as they pass a certain walled garden they come across a drunken singer, who is really a great Sufi mystic, an enlightened man named Lai-Kur. Sanai is transformed, enlightened by this chance meeting. He leaves the king to his meaningless war games and goes off alone to absorb what has happened to him. From this process comes a book of poems, the Hadiqatu’l Haqiqat, The Walled Garden of Truth.The first volume features ten discourses in which Osho speaks on these exquisite verses. In alternate discourses Osho answers questions from seekers including: Why is it so difficult to be silent? In what way would there be a need for a master? How to move from sexuality to love? What is creativity.

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