Land Your Dream Job By : Noman H. MAlik

Land Your Dream Job
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LAND YOUR DREAM JOB is an articulation of ideas and techniques that lead to a successful career path. This book has been written in simple and easy language that shed light on virtually every aspect of a job interview. It addresses the basic considerations that most young professionals neglect during the interview process, having them land in unfavorable outcomes.


This expedition is divided into three sections. The first section of this book contrasts the objectivity of first impression, which is an initial move towards career success. The second section of this book focuses on the means to sell one’s self to the prospective employers by highlighting the traits and skills that need to be projected during the job interview. The third and the last section of this book talks about the steps to be followed after the employer makes an offer to join the company.


In short, this book helps and highlights strengths while rooting out weaknesses, identifying opportunities while being aware of the threats in any job interview situation. In essence, it aims to create a nurturing environment for the fresh graduates, very much like a gardener providing the appropriate conditions for a seedling to grow to its full potential. 

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