Outclass Teams Secrets of Building HighPerformance ResulfOriented Teams By :

Outclass Teams Secrets of Building HighPerformance ResulfOriented Teams
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ABOUT THE BOOK 1. The book provides a proven, tested and pragmatic toolset on building and leading teams. 2. The team building model and methodology presented in the book is endorsed by the globally acclaimed experts considered to be an authority on the subject. 3. Utilizes practical, hands-on and real-world approach to building teams 4. The book is an incredible blend of academic research and real life application of team building concepts in hundreds of results-oriented, successful interventions by the author with thousands of participants at all levels of management. 5. Concepts are backed up by actual scenarios, examples, case studies and situations collected through working with over 100 organizations in a variety of industries and businesses around the globe. 6. The book takes reader through a logically sequenced, step by step process of building teams enabling them to nurture teams with skill and confidence. 7. Written by an Organizational Psychologist who is an experienced researcher and team-building facilitator with15 years of building teams in both local and international markets LEARNING: 1. Understanding team psychology and team dynamics. 2. How to conduct a three step team-analysis before initiating the process of building teams. 3. Preparing for a team building intervention. Dos and don'ts. 4. Designing a team building experience 5. Mastering a four-step learning methodology 6. Taking teams through a six stage team building process (stages) 7. Handling tough situations while building teams 8. Culminating team building with solid action plans and roadmap 9. Providing consistent reinforcement and following through on commitments

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