A Search For Pakistan - What Happened and Why By : Syed Hassan Javed

A Search For Pakistan - What Happened and Why
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  • Author:Syed Hassan Javed
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A Search For Pakistan is a compelling historical narrative of a country marred by conflict. After the bloody partition of India in 1947, the new Muslim homeland was engulfed in crises as it struggled to cope with an enormous flow of refugees and war with India over Kashmir. The explosive rise of Bengali nationalism and military rule of the West Pakistan dominated army in the 1960s led to a civil war, and the bloody birth of Bangladesh after a war with India in 1971.

The events in neighbouring Afghanistan since the 1980s, brought an unending period of instability to the country. The rise of militant Islam, religious extremism, jihadism and sectarianism was in part promoted by the state to attain a deeply flawed policy of strategic depth against India. The blowback when it came after 9/11 almost led to the unraveling of the state itself.

Syed Hasan Jawad writes with a rare insight and passion in his account of the critical moments in Pakistan’s history. His analysis lays bare the key reasons for the nations decline: frequent military intervention, a cynical use of religion by the state, absence of pluralism in a diverse country and a wavering commitment to the idea of democracy.

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