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On the Waves of Brain
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A fairly standard consensual definition of learning is a relatively permanent changes in behaviour those results from practice (Atkinson et al). It is however an important criterion that learned behaviour is not pre-programmed or wholly instinctive. Behaviour changes as a result of maturation. Learning is also related to interaction with the environment. Learning is progressive development of personality, but we can also find some abruptions in this on-going process of learning which is coined as learning disability. Learning Disability is a specific term which is used for different intellectual disabilities. An individual’s capacity to retain and reproduce information is affected. The problem is mainly noticed in the school years. Problem in learning and writing are seen, thus his academic performances are deteriorated and with the passage of time it can lead to negative implications on the personality. There is a situation of internal conflict to make a mark in the peer circle and prove his potential as also at the same time there is an external social conflict which disturbs the emotional and psychological well-being of the child. Till the recent years, it was treated to be a personality problem and was tagged as retardation but recently a new idea had emerged for treating these children as having a learning problem and now it is graded as a different kind of intelligence. This Idea is quite significant and valuable in the modern context when economic pressures have over weighted the social responsibilities of motherhood and in totality parenting has become a tedious task ever. Furthermore, academic pressures, career expectations of parents have shown a steep hike due to tough competitions.

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