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The Bodybuildingcom Guide to Your Best Body
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The editor-in-chief of the world’s finest and most loved website designed for fitness freaks Kris Gethin presents a practical guide to the kind of body everybody dreams of. It offers an innovative and effective method consisting of a realistic exercise schedule and a 12-week diet. The USP of this book is the fact that it has got support from Hrithik Roshan. Moreover, it consists of success stories from the real life and relates how thousands of people have followed the same plan to become fit. Also, more than two million members are associated with Gethin’s website. The author initiates the program by breaking down the mental blocks of the reader. The plan covers the complete health of the user by developing the body and then including healthy yet delicious food in the diet. Kris Gethin focuses more on adding things in life rather than subtracting thing from one’s schedule. He teaches how to add more support, muscle mass, and success in one’s diet and exercise plan. He is a true believer of the principle that true motivation can bring about a permanent change and with his book he informs how to initiate one’s inner motivation and thus achieve the goal of a perfectly fit body. The book shares the most popular practices on and highlights the fact that with the aid of proper tools, one can make amazing things happen while attaining the set fitness goals. It features the real-life stories of Tiffany Forni who became a personal trainer, Rochelle Ford who not only lost 100 pounds but also made her family follow the fitness regime, Ricky Howell who achieved a stronger body, Claudio Ramos who lost more than 135 pounds, and many more who not just lost weight but gained confidence in themselves. The Guide To Your Best Body is divided into two parts wherein the first part lists down steps to motivate one’s self and stay motivated. The second part consists of the 12-week fitness regime including important tips, techniques to maximize muscle gain, workout regimes, and photos.

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