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The Death of the Gods

by: Carl Miller

THE OLD GODS ARE DYING.Giant corporations collapse overnight. Newspapers are being swallowed. Stock ..

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The Prince

by: Niccolo Machiavelli

Fingerprint! Pocket Classics are perfect pocket-sized editions. Convenient to carry, priced right, a..

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A Tale of Wonder: Kathakautukam

by: Srivara

A biblical story travels across regions and time-ultimately reaching medieval India where it is tran..

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It All Adds Up: The Story of People and Mathematics

by: Mickael Launay

From our ability to calculate the passing of time to the algorithms that control computers and much ..

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Seven Types of Atheism

by: John Gray

When you explore older atheisms, you will find some of your firmest convictions - secular or religio..

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The Case Against Reality: How Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes 10%

The Case Against Reality: How Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes

by: Donald D. Hoffman

Do we see the world as it truly is? In The Case Against Reality, pioneering cognitive scientist Dona..

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Why Are We Yelling 10%

Why Are We Yelling

by: Buster Benson

The way we argue is broken–whether we’re arguing about immigration, gun control, the existence of gh..

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Outgrowing God: A Beginner's Guide to Atheism 10%

Outgrowing God: A Beginner's Guide to Atheism

by: Richard Dawkins

Deeply impressed by the beauty and complexity of living things, he’d felt certain they must have had..

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Stillness Is the Key 10%

Stillness Is the Key

by: Ryan Holiday

Throughout history, there's been one indelible quality that great leaders, thinkers, artists, and vi..

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The Science of Marvel 10%

The Science of Marvel

by: Sebastian Alvarado

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with extraordinary humans and abilities. There are teenaged ..

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by: Aristotle

Comedy aims at representing men as worse, Tragedy as better than in actual life.“Meticulously enquir..

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by: Hermann Hesse

This deluxe edition is perfect as a keepsake. This collectable hardbound deluxe edition is beautiful..

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A Brief Guide to Spiritual Classics

by: James M. Russell

This very readable brief guide examines a wide range of spiritual writing that can be read for enjoy..

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Chasing the Scream: The Search for the Truth About Addiction

by: Johann Hari

What if everything we've been told about addiction is wrong? One of Johann Hari's earliest memories ..

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How to Be Human

by: Ruby Wax

With a little help from a monk and a neuroscientist, Ruby Wax answers every question you've ever had..

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Hugs from Obama

by: M. Sweeney

America needs a hug from Obama now more than ever, and this beautiful collection of photographs and ..

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In Their Own Words: Understanding Lashkar-e-Tayyaba

by: C. Christine Fair

This path-breaking volume reveals a little-known aspect of how Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, a jihadist terrori..

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The Art of Losing Control: A Philosopher's Search for Ecstatic Experience

by: Jules Evans

Since the Enlightenment, western culture has written off ecstatic experience as a form of mental ill..

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The Myth of Sisyphus

by: Albert Camus

One of the most influential works of this century, The Myth of Sisyphus—featured here in a stand-alo..

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The Rise of the Outsiders: How Mainstream Politics Lost its Way

by: Steve Richards

In recent years, voters have deserted the political centre like never before. Whether it's Trump, Br..

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Magic of Impromptu Speaking: Create a Speech That Will Be Remembered for Years in Under 30 Seconds

by: Andrii Sedniev

Magic of Impromptu Speaking is a comprehensive, step-by-step system for creating highly effective sp..

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by: Ali Smith

Spring will come. The leaves on its trees will open after blossom. Before it arrives, a hundred year..

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A Call for Revolution

by: The Dalai Lama

This eloquent, impassioned manifesto is possibly the most important message The Dalai Lama can give ..

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Orwell on Freedom

by: George Orwell

With an introduction by Kamila Shamsie `Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four...

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Making the Arab World: Nasser, Qutb, and the Clash That Shaped the Middle East

by: Fawaz A. Gerges

How the conflict between political Islamists and secular nationalists has shaped the history of the ..

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