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What You Really Need to Lead

by: Robert S Kaplan

What makes a leader? Can you really learn to lead? You might think that leaders need to be born with..

Rs 1995 Rs 1,895.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,895.25

Emergency: One man's story of a dangerous world, and how to stay alive in it


With the economic downturn, the hysterical Swine Flu frenzy and the systemic corruption of our polit..

Rs 795 Rs 755.25 Ex Tax: Rs 755.25

Blood Pressure


Blood Pressure By Hainz P Wolf..

Rs 130 Rs 123.50 Ex Tax: Rs 123.50

Sacred Remedies


Sacred Remedies Ayurveda Unani and Phytotherapy Cures for Common Ailments By Aasiya Rizvi...

Rs 700 Rs 665.00 Ex Tax: Rs 665.00

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