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What You Really Need to Lead

by: Robert S Kaplan

What makes a leader? Can you really learn to lead? You might think that leaders need to be born with..

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Emergency: One man's story of a dangerous world, and how to stay alive in it

by: Neil Strauss

With the economic downturn, the hysterical Swine Flu frenzy and the systemic corruption of our polit..

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A Handbook Of Matera Medica And Homeopathic Therapeutics

by: Unknown

A Handbook Of Matera Medica And Homeopathic Therapeutics By Timothy Field Allen..

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Pharmacology Principles and Applications

by: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

Pharmacology Principles and Applications By Abdul Jalil Popalzai..

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Dental Materials Classification and Applications Chart

by: Zohaib Khurshid

Dental Materials Classification and Applications (Chart)By Zohaib Khurshid..

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Surviving Clinical Infancy: A Guide for House Officer and Trainees

by: Khan

This book is intended for fresh medical graduates starting their house jobs. This small handbook pro..

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Glaucoma Pearls for the Ophthalmic Resident


This is not meant to be a substitute for a glaucoma textbook. As the name suggests, it is a book on ..

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This book reviews radiology in question-answer format. Additional features include: Clinical scenari..

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Oral Radiology: A Diagnostic Approach

by: Iqbal

The German scientist, sitting amidst a pile of junk of different crude machines, working on cathode ..

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Operative Surgery: Diagnosis and Operative Treatment

by: Iqbal

The training of basic surgical principles remains the essential platform for all future growth and d..

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Short Essay Questions and Answers in Gynecology


Passing part two of the FCPS examination needs clinical experience, up-to-date knowledge and examina..

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Blood Pressure

by: Heinz Wolff

Blood Pressure By Hainz P Wolf..

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Sacred Remedies

by: Aasiya Rizvi

Sacred Remedies Ayurveda Unani and Phytotherapy Cures for Common Ailments By Aasiya Rizvi...

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Kumar & Clarks Clinical Medicine

by: Kumar Clarks

Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine 8 builds on the prize-winning formula that won the first prize in ..

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250 Cases in Clinical Medicine

by: R R Baliga

A collection of short cases arranged by clinical area, emphasising the key diagnostic features of cl..

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Nutrition Interventions for Maternal and Child Health and Survival

by: Zulfiqar A. Bhutta

Maternal and childhood nutrition deficiencies are a major cause of ill health and premature death gl..

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