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The First Human Murder

by: Nayeem Ahmed Baloch

The crime of murder is discussed in this interesting story to show the children how hateful and grea..

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Second Caliph of IslamUmar

by: Abdul Basit Ahmad

'Umar bin Khattab (R) is one of the great Companions of the Prophet (S) and second Caliph of Islam. ..

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Prayers for Muslim Children

by: Unknown

Beautiful full color Dua' book with Dua's (supplications) in Arabic with English meanings and transl..

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Midlife And Naked

by: Shaista Ayesha

This book is a biography/story of two Pakistani entrepreneurs i.e. Faraz Khan and Khusro Ansari writ..

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The Richest Vein eastern Tradition and Modern Thought

by: Gai Eaton

[This book offers] an unusually penetrating critique of our modern civilization in terms of both sym..

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Ferozsons Two In One Dictionary English To English &

by: Unknown

This Two-in-One dictionary combines: two dictionaries in one volume : (I) English to English and Urd..

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Who is Who and What is What

by: Zahid Hussain

Accurate, Authentic & Trusted Book for CSS, PMS, Customers, PIA, ISSB, FIA, ISI, Police, Banks, ..

Rs 625 Rs 593.75 Ex Tax: Rs 593.75

Modern Soap

by: Javed Amir

Modern Soap- an elegant novel of ideas. A saga of wealth, love and greed in Pakistan. Modern S..

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Left Hand Speak A Collection of Verse

by: Unknown

This is a powerful collection of poetry, which is likely to appeal to an audience of poetry lovers n..

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Dream and Reality

by: Hina Babar Ali

Dream and Reality .... we need to dream if we are to survive in the theatre of life... dream is our ..

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Balkanisation And Political Economy Of Pakistan

by: Mubashir Hassan

Pakistan has experienced martial laws or army-controlled governments masquerading as democracies sin..

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A Carrot is A Carrot -

by: Zia Mohyeddin

How does one speak one lines that itself is a highly complex process. I don t mean that you need to ..

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Music of Indus The Essential Raag

by: Unknown

The Essential Raag is our tribute to the might Indus river, which has defined and nourished the dive..

Rs 18000 Rs 17,100.00 Ex Tax: Rs 17,100.00

The Oxford Elementary Learners English Sindhi Dictionary

by: Oxford University Press

As a first bilingual dictionary for Sindhi speaking students, The Oxford Elementary Learner’s Englis..

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Little Oxford EngUrdu Dictionary

by: Ibrahim Saad

This dictionary is an abridged edition of The Oxford English–Urdu Dictionary, which was translated a..

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Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan

by: Stanley Wolpert

The volume traces the life of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto from the colourful days of his feudal ancestors to..

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Beyound Crisis: Re Evaluating Pakistan

by: Naveeda Khan

Through the essays in this volume, we see how the failure of the state becomes a moment to ruminate ..

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Oxford Elementary Learners English Urdu Dictionary

by: Salim Rahman

This is an ideal dictionary for Urdu-speaking learners of English. It gives clear explanations throu..

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Oxford EnglishUrdu Mini Dictionary

by: Oxford

The Oxford English-Urdu Mini Dictionary is a mini version, both in size and scope, of our very popul..

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Jinnah Creator Of Pakistan

by: Hector Bolitho

Jinnah: Creator of Pakistan was the official biography of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Moha..

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Little Oxford English Dictionary: 90000 words phrases and definitions Ready Reference centre section

by: Oxford Dictionaries

This is a major new edition of the Little Oxford English Dictionary, offering the most accurate and ..

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Intrenational Bridging the Bcc World Vol I

by: Unknown

B C C International was the house magazine of Bank of Credit and Commerce International commonly kno..

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