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Currency Politics: The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policy


Exchange rates are set, either directly or indirectly, by government policy. Exchange rates are also..

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The Shock Doctrine :


From the bestselling author of No Logo, Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capit..

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The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy How The World Order Man Made Diseases And Zombie Banks Are Destroying America :


America's economy is in shambles . . . Its citizens are terrified and dissatisfied . . . Could it al..

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Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning The Middle Class And Betraying The American Dream


Features updated material and a special foreword from Arianna for the UK audienceIt’s not an exagg..

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The Idea of Socialism Towards a Renewal

by: Axel honneth

The idea of socialism has given normative grounding and orientation to the outrage over capitalism ..

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Volcker: The Triumph of Persistence

by: William L. Silber

Over the course of nearly half a century, five American presidents, and leaders around the world, ha..

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What You See is Not What You Get: Developing Financial Skills -


 People outside the finance professions often underestimate the importance of financial knowled..

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