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The Gamble


Presents an account of the insurgency within the US military that led to a radical shift in America'..

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The God of My Idolatry Memories and Reflections

by: Zia Mohyeddin

In pakistan his highly acclaimed 'Zia Mohyuddin Show' became the paradigm of tasteful entertainment ..

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The Gods of Gotham


After a fire decimates a swathe of lower Manhattan, and following years of passionate political disp..

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The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die


The decline of the West is something that has long been prophesied. Symptoms of decline are all arou..

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The Great Mughals and their India

by: Matt Haig

A definitive, comprehensive and engrossing chronicle of one the greatest dynasties of the world – th..

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The Great War for Civilization : The Conquest of the Middle East :


Robert Fisk’s bestselling eyewitness account of the events that have shaped the Middle East is alive..

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The Great War of Our TimeInternational An Insiders Account of the CIA vs al Qaida


Called the "Bob Gates of his generation" by Politico, Michael Morell was a top CIA officer who playe..

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The Idea Of Justice


Is justice an ideal, for ever beyond our grasp, or something that may actually guide our practical d..

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The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power


Readers of The New York Times know David Sanger as one of the most trusted correspondents in Washing..

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The Iran Threat President Ahmadinejad & The Coming Nuclear


From the expert who brought Iran's nuclear program to the attention of the world in 2002 comes a sea..

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The King Of Oil The Secret Lives Of Marc Rich


Billionaire oil trader Marc Rich for the first time talks at length about his private life (includin..

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The Landmark Arrian: The Campaigns Of Alexander


The Landmark Arrian is an important new edition of The Campaigns of Alexander, the most authoritativ..

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The Last Battle: When US and German Soldiers Joined Forces in the Waning Hours of World War II in Europe


May, 1945. Hitler is dead, the Third Reich is little more than smoking rubble, and no GI wants to be..

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The Last King in India Wajid Ali Shah


Wajid Ali Shah remains to be a mysterious personality to this day due to his eccentric, extreme ways..

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The Last Sunset: The Rise And Fall Of The Lahore Durbar


The Last Sunset: The Rise and Fall of the Lahore Durbar recreates the history of the Sikh empire and..

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The Legacy Declaration


The unimaginable has happened - Longevity, the drug that is supposed to guarantee eternal youth, isn..

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The Letters of John F Kennedy


John Fitzgerald Kennedy led the United States for barely a thousand days, and yet he is regarded as ..

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The Longest August The Unflinching Rivalry Between India and Pakistan

by: Dilip Hiro

The partitioning of British India into independent Pakistan and India in August 1947 occurred in the..

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The Longest War The Enduring Conflict between America and Al Qaeda


In The Longest War Peter Bergen offers a comprehensive history of the war on terror and its evolutio..

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The Masque Of Africa: Glimpses Of African Belief


An astonishingly prescient, beautifully written and deeply humane new work of non-fiction from one o..

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The Murder of History

by: K.K.Aziz

In this volume, Aziz sets out to correct the injustice that has been committed in Pakistan ever sinc..

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The New Cold War: Putins Threat to Russia and the West


While most of the world was lauding the stability and economic growth that Vladimir Putin's ex-KGB r..

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The Obama Syndrome: Surrender At Home War Abroad


What has really changed since Bush left the White House? Very little, argues Tariq Ali, apart from t..

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The Only Game in Town


Dr. Mohamed A. El-Erian, one of the world’s most influential economic thinkers and the New York Time..

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The Pakistan Cauldron Conspiracy Assassination And Instability

by: Farewell

The killing of Osama bin Laden spotlighted Pakistan?s unpredictable political dynamics, which are of..

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The Pakistan US Conundrum Jihadists The Military And The People The Struggle For Control

by: Yunas Samad

Yunas Samad's trenchant analysis of contemporary Pakistan features five main players: the people, th..

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The People Reloaded :


This momentous anthology explores these critical questions through key statements, communiqus, manif..

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The Performance of Nationalism India Pakistan and the Memory of Partition -

by: Jisha Menon

Imagine the patriotic camaraderie of national day parades. How does performance generate patriotic l..

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The Post American World And The Rise Of The Rest


The growth of countries such as India, China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and Kenya is generating a..

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The Raj At War A Peoples History Of Indias Second World War


The Second World War was not fought by Britain alone. India produced the largest volunteer army in w..

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The Resistance Declaration


The chilling, powerful sequel to Gemma Malley's acclaimed debut, The Declaration. For fans of The Hu..

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