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The Colonel Who Would Not Repent The Bangladesh War and its Unquiet Legacy

by: Salil Tripathi

Pakistani troops and their collaborators were responsible for countless deaths and cases of rape. Cl..

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What Young India Wants

by: Chetan Bhagat

What Young India Wants is the first and only work of non-fiction by the Chetan Bhagat. It is based o..

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Punjabi Parmesan: Despatches from a Europe in Crisis

by: Pallavi Aiyar

In 2009, after several years in China, journalist Pallavi Aiyar moved to Brussels, the headquarters ..

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by: Jagdish Khattar

An epic triple treat - stories from a civil servant, corporate captain and businessman Jagdish Khatt..

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Indianomix: Making Sense of Modern India


Why don’t cars with safety features lead to fewer injuries? Why did Nehru ignore the Chinese threat ..

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Breach of Trust American Empire Project

by: Andrew J. Bacevich

The United States has been at war for more than a decade. Yet as war has become normalized, a yawnin..

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Anticipating India The Best of National Interest

by: Shekhar Gupta

How many, in a Mumbai room full of Hermes ties and finance whizkids, are Dalit? What if Mahesh Bhatt..

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Thirst Water and Power in the Ancient World

by: Steven Mithen

In THIRST, renowned archaeologist and prehistorian Steven Mithen examines the history of water manag..

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The Unfinished Global Revolution: The Limits of Nations and The Pursuit of a New Politics

by: Mark Malloch-Brown

The Unfinished Global Revolution is a front-line view of the challenges of leadership and the import..

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Waterloo: The History of Four Days Three Armies and Three Battles

by: Bernard Cornwell

On the 18th June, 1815 the armies of France, Britain and Prussia descended upon a quiet valley south..

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The Longest August The Unflinching Rivalry Between India and Pakistan

by: Dilip Hiro

The partitioning of British India into independent Pakistan and India in August 1947 occurred in the..

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Saturday People Sunday People

by: Lela Gilbert

What she found was a vibrant country, enlivened by warm-hearted, lively people of great intelligence..

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Terrorism Security and Human Rights: Harnessing the Rule of Law

by: Mahmood Monshipouri

Terrorism, Security and Human Rights: Harnessing the Rule of Law..

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The Twilight War The Secret History Of Americas Thirty Year Conflict With Iran

by: David Crist

For the past three decades, the United States and Iran have been engaged in an unacknowledged secret..

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Ayodhya: 6 December 1992

by: Steve Martini

On 6 December 1992, kar sevaks attacked the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and demolished the structure. Th..

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Cavendon Hall

by: Barbara Taylor Bradford

BTB at her superb best. A sweeping, multi-generational saga set on the eve of WW1, in the vein of A ..

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Governance for Growth in India

by: Apj Abdul Kalam

GOVERNANCE FOR GROWTH IN INDIA by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam As India chooses its 16th Lok Sabha in 2014, an..

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History of the Deccan

by: J.d.b. Gribble

The Deccan, historically, is that portion of Southern India which is bounded by the Godavari and the..

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A History of the World in 12 Maps

by: Jerry Brotton

Here he tells the story of our world through maps. Throughout history, maps have been fundamental i..

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The Performance of Nationalism India Pakistan and the Memory of Partition -

by: Jisha Menon

Imagine the patriotic camaraderie of national day parades. How does performance generate patriotic l..

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Unmaking the Bomb A Fissile Material Approach to Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation

by: Harold A Feiveson

Unmaking the Bomb proposes a new approach to reaching these long-held goals. Rather than considering..

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Modi and Godhra


How could Modi, for instance, claim to have been unaware, for nearly five hours, of the first post-G..

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Keeping Pace with the Changing World :

by: Namita Bhandare

This annual summit invites leaders from politics and business, entertainment and academics, writers ..

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