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he Prophets of Capital Jacobin

by: Nicole Aschoff

Enter the new prophets of capital: Sheryl Sandberg touting the capitalist work ethic as the antidote..

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The Extreme Centre A Warning

by: Tariq Ali

What is the point of elections? The result is always the same: a victory for the Extreme Centre. Sin..

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Kashmir The Vajpayee Years

by: A.S. Dulat and Aditya Sinha

Srinagar in the winter of 1989 was an eerie ghost town witnessing the beginnings of a war dance. The..

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Perilous PowerThe Middle East and U.S Foreign Policy Dialogues on Terror Democracy War, and Justice

by: Noam Chomsky

The volatile Middle East is a site of vast resources, profound passions, frequent crises, and long-s..

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Ibn Arabiand Modern Thought The History of Taking Metaphysics Seriouly

by: Peter Coates

These penetrating metaphysical and spiritual teachings cross the divides of culture and time, provid..

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The Faithful Scribe A Story of Islam Pakistan Family and War

by: Shahan Mufti

Mufti uses the stories of his ancestors, many of whom served as judges and jurists in Muslim Sharia ..

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Chinas Cosmological Prehistory: The Sophisticated Science Encoded in Civilizations Earliest Symbols

by: Laird Scranton

Building on his extensive research into the sacred symbols and creation myths of the Dogon of Africa..

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Mandate: Will of the People

by: Vir Sanghvi

This is the first easy-to-read book about recent Indian political history. Pegged on the general ele..

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The Footprints of Partition Narratives of Four Generations of Pakistanis and Indians

by: Anam Zakaria

The Partition of British India and the subsequent creation of two antagonist countries is a phenomen..

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The Pakistan Paradox Instability and Resilience

by: Christophe Jaffrelot

Pakistan was born as the creation of elite Urdu-speaking Muslims who sought to govern a state that w..

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The Great War of Our TimeInternational An Insiders Account of the CIA vs al Qaida

by: Michael Morell, Bill Harlow

Called the "Bob Gates of his generation" by Politico, Michael Morell was a top CIA officer who playe..

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Defeat: Why They Lost Iraq


As the dreadful reality of the Coalition s defeat in Iraq begins to sink in, one question dominates ..

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The Body Economic: Eight experiments in economic recovery from Iceland to Greece

by: David Stuckler

This highly significant new book, based on the authors' own groundbreaking research, looks at the da..

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The Iran Threat President Ahmadinejad & The Coming Nuclear

by: Alireza Jafarzadeh

From the expert who brought Iran's nuclear program to the attention of the world in 2002 comes a sea..

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The Rise of Islamic State ISIS and the Sunni Revolution

by: Patrick Cockburn

Born of the Iraqi and Syrian civil wars, the Islamic State astonished the world in 2014 by creating ..

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Declassified 50 Documents That Changed History

by: Thomas B. Allen

Culled from archives around the world, the 50 documents in Declassified illuminate the secret and of..

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We Love Death as You Love Life: Britains Suburban Mujahedeen

by: Raffaello Pantucci

As Mohammed Siddique Khan led his group of fellow-believers into London on the morning of July 7, 20..

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The Letters of John F Kennedy

by: Martin W. Sandler

John Fitzgerald Kennedy led the United States for barely a thousand days, and yet he is regarded as ..

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What We Won Americas Secret War in Afghanistan 1979-89

by: Bruce Riedel

In What We Won, CIA and National Security Council veteran Bruce Riedel tells the story of America's ..

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A Mirror to Power The Politics of a Fractured Decade

by: M. J. Akbar

M. J. Akbar's elegant phrase tells the story of Indian politics and the dillemas the country has fac..

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ArabIranian Relations

by: Khair el-Din Haseeb

Regionally-based Arabs and Iranian scholars here explore the preoccupation of the economic, politica..

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Farewell Kabul From Afghanistan To A More Dangerous World

by: Christina Lamb

From the award-winning co-author of ‘I Am Malala’, this book asks just how the might of NATO, with 4..

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Prague Capital of the Twentieth Century: A Surrealist History

by: Derek Sayer

" In this eagerly anticipated sequel to his acclaimed Coasts of Bohemia: A Czech History, Derek Saye..

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