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The War Within


The first book on a conflict that is fast crystallizing into a national debate, The War Within&..

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Thinking Machines: The inside story of Artificial Intelligence and our race to build the future


2016 marks the 60-year anniversary of the phrase ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and in this fascinating ..

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TRYST WITH PERFIDY The Deep State of Pakistan

by: Kamal Davar

Ever since its independence in 1947, Pakistan has been running away from its roots—directionless—and..

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Unmasked Corruption in the West :

by: Laurence Cockcroft

How corrupt is the West? Europe and North America’s formal self-perception is one of high standards..

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Warrior Elite


THE ULTIMATE WARRIORS Highly trained and equipped to kill, special-ops forces take on the world's mo..

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Women of Vision: Nine Business Leaders in Conversation with Alam Srinivas

by: Roli books india

A 2012 McKinsey study found that women hold a mere 5 per cent of boardroom positions in Indian firms..

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Pakistan at the Crossroads Domestic Dynamics and External Pressures

by: Christophe Jaffrelot

Top international scholars assess Pakistan’s politics and economics and the challenges faced by its ..

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