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Painting & Drawing

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10-Minute Watercolours

by: Hazel Soan

This handy, practical and inspirational little book is perfect for the pocket or art bag. It shows w..

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The Russian Avant-garde: Siberia and the East


This book is devoted to the complex relationship between Russian art and the East—be it the Russian ..

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The Story of Painting: How art was made

by: DK

Covering a comprehensive array of topics, from the first pigments and frescos to linear perspective ..

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Introduction to Knitting

by: Igloo Books

Introduction to Knitting..

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My Little Pony Little Music Note

by: PiKids

Friendship is essential when you’re a member of the “Mane 6!” Join the My Little Ponies in In Perfec..

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The Dapuri Drawings: Alexander Gibson and the Bombay Botanic Gardens

by: Noltie. H J

This lavishly illustrated book is about a remarkable collection of botanical drawings belonging to t..

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Portraits & Vortexes

by: Imran Qureshi

Portraits & Vortexes is an exhibition by Pakistan's leading contemporary miniaturists, Aish..

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Blessings Upon The Land of my Love

by: Imran Qureshi

Imran Qureshi applies his training in miniature painting to this large-scale installation, made..

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Jamil Naqsh: A retrospective

by: Jamil Naqsh

Marcus Campbell Art Books Large bookshop located next to Tate Modern. We specialise in out of print,..

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Contemporary Art in the United Kingdom (Artworld)

by: John Slyce

The fifth title in Black Dog Publishing s ARTWORLD series, Contemporary Art in the United Kingdom sh..

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Khatt-e-Sadequain: Rules & Principles of Sadequain's Calligraphy


A collection of Sadequain's calligraphic work. A full color book with depicting art pieces...

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Tale of the Tile: the Ceramic Traditions of Pakistan

by: Abdul Hamid And Nasreen Askari Akhund

"This publication began as a catalogue accompanying the exhibition Tale of the Tile: The Ceramic Tra..

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The Tales Of Durnken Flute in Whirling Dervishes

by: Shafique Farooqi

We at AQS Art Gallery Welcome you to be a part of the book launch and art exhibition of the exquisit..

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500 Manga Villains & Heroes

by: Yishan Studio

Manga is now well established as one of the worlds most popular genres of illustrated books. Many mi..

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One Million Manga Characters: Over One Million Characters to Create and Colour!

by: Yishan Li

One Million Manga Characters is a uniquely useful and fun resource for manga artists. A custom progr..

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Surreal Narratives

by: Muddasar Manzoor

Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition 'Surreal Narratives' presented by Gandhara-ar..

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Satish Gujral: An Artography

by: Gayatri Sinha

"Satish Gujral: An Artography" traces the aesthetic and personal journey of a pioneer of modern Indi..

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How To Draw Manga Ninja Warriors

by: QUA

How to draw Manga ninja girl. The process shows from basic sketching to finish drawing qui..

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Colour Harmony: Packaging

by: Jim Mousner

Selecting the right colour palette for any design project, whether personal or commercial, can make ..

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Drawing by Seeing: Using Gestalt Perception

by: John Torreano

The most difficult aspect of learning to draw is knowing how to translate a three-dimensional object..

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Salvador Dali: 1904-1989 (Art Series)

by: Norbert Wolf

Dalí was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist ..

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