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Interio Inspiration & Materials

by: Gregory Mees

Interiors: Inspiration & Materials is the perfect book for anyone who wants to transform their h..

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Modern Inerior Degn


Interior design today is guided more than ever by the need to be stylish and functional. In modern d..

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1000 Interior Detls for the Home and Where to Find Them

by: Ian Rudge

This book looks at every aspect of interior detail for domestic spaces. It is designed to appeal to ..

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Bedrooms Small Books

by: Mary Gilliatts

The bedroom is the one room where we can truly be ourselves. Away from the prying eyes of visitors, ..

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Cool Spaces for Kids

by: Sam Scarborough

Providing your children with a safe, stimulating living space is an essential job for any parent. Ta..

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Supported by colour photographs taken in homes all over Europe and North America, this visual catalo..

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Home Best Of Living DesignSecond Edition


As the focal point of everyday life, living spaces in residential buildings offer limitless design p..

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Interior Design Portfolio


Aimed at prospective and new students, this book gives a comprehensive introduction to the nature an..

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Living In Istanbul


Istanbul has been the capital of Roman emperors, Byzantine despots, and Turkish sultans. Stretching ..

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by: Miralles Jordi

For the dreamer who loves contemporary design, this series offers ingenious solutions to decorating ..

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Outdoor Spaces: Easy Ideas and Inspiration for Casual Outdoor Living :


Whether you have a small city balcony or a generous lawn and garden, nothing compares to spending ti..

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Patina Style


The Giannettis have developed a home design style that embraces age, patina, weathered and worn surf..

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Portfolios for Interior Designers


This highly illustrated introduction guides the interior designer through all of the steps needed to..

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Print And Pattern 2


Print & Pattern 2 is the latest book from the cult Print & Pattern website that celebrates a..

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Relax Best of Spa Design


Spa and wellness locations are place for relaxation and enjoyment with all senses. Individual styles..

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Swim! Best Of Pool Design


From Olympic training pools to relaxing spas, child-friendly swimming complexes to private bathing f..

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The Natural Paint Book


This is a handbook for all those, beginners as well as experts, who want to live as naturally as pos..

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Vintage Home 20thcentury Design for Contemporary Living


Vintage Home is both a practical collector’s guide – what to look out for – and a celebration of the..

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Visual Image Design Restaurants & Hotels

by: Li Aihong

'Visual Image Design: Restaurants & Hotels' takes as its theme the need to create a corporate id..

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Wood Houses


While wood has been used in construction for thousands of years, researchers are still developing in..

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Decorate for a Party Stylish and Simple Ideas for Meaningful Gatherings

by: Holly Becker , Joanna Copestick

Decorate for a Party is a stunning sourcebook packed with decorating tips and techniques that w..

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Decorate Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in the House New Edition

by: Holly Becker , Joanna Copestick

Whether you are designing a brand new home or simply updating one room’s interior, Decorate is teemi..

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Dream Decor Styling a Cool Creative and Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live

by: Will Taylor

This book will take readers on an inspiring journey to discover fifteen décor destinations that each..

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Drink Best of Bar Design

by: Braun

The design of a bar plays the most crucial role in defining its identity and atmosphere apart from t..

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Essential Children's Rooms (Essential (Conrad)


In Essential Children's Rooms, Terence Conran presents a wide range of options for designing and dec..

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Hidden Paris Discovering and Exploring Parisian Interiors

by: Caroline Clifton-mogg & Melanie Paine

City of Light', 'City of Mystery', 'City of Romance' – of course, it must be Paris. No other Europea..

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Houses of the National Trust


The National Trust cares for a wealth of houses and historic buildings of all types, ranging from th..

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Houses with Charm: Simple Southern Style -


This volume celebrates the warmth and easy elegance of traditional Southern architecture and interio..

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Light in Nature: North Carolina Museum of Art: Fisher Island House


Inside the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA), the light of day and lush surrounding fields have a ..

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