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Historic Houses of Paris: Residences of the Ambassadors

by: Alain Stella

Many historic houses in Paris serve as residences to foreign ambassadors and are closed to the gener..

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Lucknow: The City of Heritage & Culture: A Walk Through History

by: Vipul B Varshney

-Featuring over 200 color photographs and minute architectural drawings, this book recreates the spl..

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Art Therapy: An Inspiration Notebook

by: Sam Loman

This beautifully illustrated journal is the perfect gift for creative people everywhere, people who ..

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I'll Be There For You

by: Kelsey Miller

Join Kelsey Miller as she answers all of these questions and more. And as she relives the show’s mos..

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Funny Man: Mel Brooks

by: Patrick McGilligan

A deeply textured and compelling biography of comedy giant Mel Brooks, covering his rags-to-riches l..

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Art And Fashion: Impact Of Art On Fashion & Fashion On Art

by: Alice Mackrell

Art and Fashion' takes a long-overdue look at the influences of art on fashion, chronicling the clos..

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Vincent van Gogh (The Great Masters of Art)

by: Klaus Fussmann

Vincent van Gogh's career lasted just a decade, but in this short time he created more than two thou..

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Vasily Kandinsky (The Great Masters of Art)

by: Hajo Düchting

Vasily Kandinsky was one of the first painters of abstract art and a founding member of the Blue Rid..

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Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajas: The Al Thani Collection

by: Amina Taha-Hussein Okada

Published on the occasion of the extraordinary exhibition in Venice, the book allows readers to imme..

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Magical Adventure Colouring Book

by: Harper Collins

Share the adventures of Newt Scamander, Tina, Queenie & Jacob as they face off against the dark ..

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Inside Black Mirror: The Illustrated Oral History

by: Charlie Brookers

This first official book logs the entire Black Mirror journey, from its origins in creator Charlie B..

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Creative Selection: Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs

by: Ken Kocienda

'If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work in a hotbed of innovation, you’ll enjoy this inside ..

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Harry Potter: Collectible Quidditch Set

by: Running Press

Here is the first officially licensed Harry Potter Collectible Quidditch Set that includes: 1 Quaffl..

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Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

by: Oliver Sacks

With his trademark compassion and erudition, Dr Oliver Sacks examines the power of music through the..

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The Art of Tinkering: Meet 150 Makers Working at the Intersection of Art, Science & Technology

by: Karen Wilknson

Brought to you by the Exploratorium's Tinkering Studio, The Art of Tinkering is an unprece..

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African Wax Print Textiles

by: Anne Grosfilley

This groundbreaking book reveals the complex origins of African wax print textiles. In beautifully i..

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The Vagina Monologues


2018 marks the twentieth anniversary of V-Day, the radical grassroots movement to end violence again..

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The Art Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

by: DK

Embark on a grand tour of art history with this guide to the story of art, and the big ideas and the..

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Graphic Design for Art Fashion Film Architecture Photography Product Design and Everything in Between

by: Andy Cooke

This guide explores ways in which graphic designers can successfully collaborate with other creative..

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Architecture: Create Your Own City! Sticker Book

by: Sabine Tauber

Want to make an ionic column? How about a cathedral with flying buttresses? Or a mishmash of frills,..

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SRT Viper: America's Supercar Returns

by: Maurice Q. Liang

The original Dodge Viper captured lightning in a bottle when it debuted in 1992. Combining ground-sh..

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The Dinner Party: Restoring Women to History

by: Judy Chicago

"An icon of feminist art, The Dinner Party installation at the Brooklyn Museum, for which this book ..

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Robin and Lucienne Day: Pioneers of Contemporary Design

by: Lesley Jackson

Robin Day, the creator of the best-selling Polypropylene chair,was renowned as afurniture designer, ..

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Go Big or Go Home Taking Risks in Life Love and Tattooing

by: Kat Von D

With passion and unflinching honesty, renowned tattoo artist and New York Times bestsellin..

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