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Ideas: Dining Rooms & Kitchens

by: Fernando de Haro

This edition shows many ideas for dining rooms and kitchens, the different materials that can be use..

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Gosling: Classic Design for Contemporary Interiors

by: Tim Gosling

In the world of furniture and design the name Tim Gosling is synonymous with sophistication, excelle..

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Materials And Interior Design

by: Lorraine Farrelly

The choice of materials is critical to the success of an interior. This book examines every aspect o..

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Louvre Abu Dhabi: The Story of an Architectural Project

by: Olivier Boissière

The choice of Jean Nouvel as architect of the future Louvre Abu Dhabi did not come as a surprise. He..

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Country House Style: Making Your Home a Country House

by: Nora Murphy

Nora Murphy has turned her passion for country house style and its embodiment – her own home in Newt..

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The Complete Golf Manual

by: Steve Newell

Covering every aspect of the game, this is the ultimate self-improvement guide for every player - fr..

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Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Colour Says About You -


Just as your sun sign offers insights into your personality, you have a personal colour that reflect..

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A Pictorial History of the Silent Cinema -


A Pictorial History of the Silent Cinema -..

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Manmade Wonders of the World

by: Dan Cruickshank

From Stonehenge to the Sagrada Familia, from the Great Wall of China to the Burj Khalifa, Manmade Wo..

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Very Small Shops

by: John Stones

The limitations of a tiny space, rather than inhibiting designers, often result in some of the most ..

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Top 50 Tanks


Counting from 50 down to the very best all-time tank at number 1, Top 50 Tanks features the greatest..

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The Royal Portrait: Image and Impact


A fresh assessment of the importance of portraiture in the image-making of monarchs from Richar..

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The Authentic Garden: Naturalistic and Contemporary Landscape Design -

by: Richard Hartlage

In contemporary American garden design, beauty for beauty’s sake is making a comeback. The sixty gar..

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Safiuddin Ahmed: Great Masters of Bangladesh

by: Rosa Maria Falvo

The first volume in this series dedicated to the great artistsof Bangladesh, previously unknown to m..

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Humans of New York: Stories

by: Brandon Stanton

an ambitious project -to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City. The photos h..

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Herbert Leupin: Poster Collection 28


Marking the centenary of his birth, the “Poster Collection” series devotes its latest edition to the..

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Findings on Elasticity

by: Hester Aardse

The second issue in the exciting and experimental cross-disciplinary series Findings on... ..

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Drawing for Landscape Architecture: Sketch to Screen to Site

by: Edward Hutchison

Combines traditional drawing techniques with those from CAD rendering to guide practitioners from th..

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Adjaye · Africa · Architecture: A Photographic Survey of Metropolitan Architecture


At just over forty, David Adjaye is one of the worlds most exciting and accomplished architects, and..

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150 Best Eco House Ideas -


Featuring an extensive collection of full-color photographs, "150 Best Eco House Ideas" features eco..

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1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die

by: Mark Irving

From ancient Egyptian wallpaintings to contemporary Western canvases, this book is truly comprehensi..

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Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life: The definitive visual guide to prehistoric animals

by: DK

Fascinating and authoritative, this book is an unprecedented survey of millions of years of life on ..

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Friends Forever [25th Anniversary Ed]

by: Gary Susman

The beloved show Friends introduced the world to six young New Yorkers living together, falling in l..

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Art in the Making: Artists and their Materials from the Studio to Crowdsourcing

by: Glenn Adamson

Todays artists have an unprecedented level of choice with regard to materials and methods available ..

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