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by: Alexandre Dumas

‘I've worn that mask so long I don't feel safe without it.‘ The Man in the Iron Mask sees D’Artagna..

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The October Country

by: Ray Bradbury

THE OCTOBER COUNTRY is Ray Bradbury's own netherworld of the soul, inhabited by the horrors and demo..

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Adrian Mole and The Weapons of Mass Destruction Adrian Mole 7 -

by: Sue Townsend

Adrian Mole is middle-aged but still scribbling. Working as a bookseller and living in Leicester's R..

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Original Letters From India

by: Eliza Fay

Why remember Eliza Fay nearly two centuries after her death? Her origins are obscure; she was not be..

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Selected Stories of H G Wells Modern Library

by: H.G. Wells

He envisioned a sky filled with airplanes before Orville Wright ever left the ground. He described t..

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To The Wedding -

by: J. Berger

We are in the new Europe, where political freedom moves in concert with the play of human desire. We..

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Modernist Literature Edinburgh Critical Guides to Literature -

by: Rachel Potter

Introduces students to a wide range of modernist writers and critical debates in modernism studies. ..

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A Little Prince :

by: Frances Hodgson Burnett

From the world-renowned author of" Little Lord Fauntleroy" and "The Secret Garden," a story about a ..

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Angel: A Virago Modern Classic -

by: Elizabeth Taylor

Fifteen-year-old Angelica Deverell knows she is different, that she is destined to become a feted au..

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The Picador Book of 40: 40 Writers Inspired by a Number -

by: Charlotte Greig

For Picador’s 40th anniversary we asked 40 writers to respond to the idea of 40 in whatever way they..

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Silas Marner

by: George Eliot

George Eliot intent in writing Silas Marner, the weaver of Raveloe, was to show that good things com..

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Classic Tales for Children Animal Stories

by: Stephen Baker

In They've Got Your Number..., Stephen Baker takes us on a guided tour (no maths required) through a..

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As You Like it

by: William Shakespeare

One of Shakespeare's early plays, As You Like It is a romantic comedy about the restoration and rege..

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The Woman in Black Vintage

by: Susan Hill

"An excellent ghost story... magnificently eerie... compulsive reading." "Evening Standard" The cla..

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Poems Coming Home

by: Sukrita Paul Kumar

Sukrita’s poetry lives and breathes the world of everyday turmoil: the homeless shivering in the rai..

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Twelfth Night -

by: Philip Weller

The Philip Weller Annotated Shakespeare series consists of edited and annotated texts of five plays ..

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Frankenstein -

by: Mary Shelley

Through letters sent by Robert Walton to his wife, a wandering figure emerges named Victor Frankenst..

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Ethics -

by: Benedict de Spinoza

A profoundly beautiful and uniquely insightful description of the universe, Benedict de Spinoza's Et..

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Falsafa e Ajam HB

by: Allama Mohammad Iqbal

Falsafa e Ajam by Allama Mohammad Iqbal..

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Selected Stories by Edgar Allan Poe -

by: Terry O Brien

The Masterpieces of World Fiction series brings together the best-loved short stories by the great m..

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A Christmas Carol 15%

A Christmas Carol

by: Charles Dickens

Christmas Carol by Pegasus..

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Inside Charlies Chocolate Factory -

by: Lucy Mangan

This fascinating full-colour book celebrates the 50th birthday of that best-loved story Charlie and ..

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The Power And The Glory -

by: Graham Greene

During a vicious persecution of the clergy in Mexico, a worldly priest, the 'whisky priest', is on t..

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Alices Adventures in Wonderland

by: Lewis Carroll

Alice runs after a white rabbit, and is plunged into a strange world of talking animals, tea-drinkin..

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