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The Resiliency Advantage

by: Al Siebert

Based on his deepknowledge of the new science of resiliency, dr. Al siebert explainshow and why some..

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Playing Big Find your voiceyour vision and make things happen

by: Tara Mohr

Five years ago, Tara Mohr began to see a pattern in her work as an expert in leadership: women with ..

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Gurus of Chaos: Modern Indias Money Masters : Modern Indias Money Masters

by: Saurabh Mukherjea

What does it take to be a stock market guru? what are the traits needed to be a successful investor?..

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Money Wise: The Aam Aadmis Guide to Wealth and Financial Freedom

by: Sharath Komarraju

Do you obsess about money and yet not talk about it with parents or friends and barely enough with t..

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No Ordinary Disruption The Four Global Forces

by: Richard Dobbs

We are surprised when new competitors burst on the scene or businesses protected by large and deep m..

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Dragons at Your Door How Chinese Cost Innovation Is Disrupting Global Competition

by: Ming Zeng

he new competitive challenge from Chinese businesses is like nothing seen by Western companies since..

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The New Rules Of Wealth

by: Ben Benson

The book isn't a preach, but pearls of wisdom that has come from the author's experience of going fr..

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Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

by: Charles Wheelan

The field of statistics is rapidly transforming into a discipline that Hal Varian at Google has call..

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The Long Revolution: The Birth and Growth of India`s IT Industry :

by: Dinesh C Sharma

This book is an attempt to set the record straight. A detailed and meticulously researched account o..

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The Why Axis Hidden Motives and the Undiscovered Economics of Everyday Life


Uri Gneezy and John List are a little like the anthropologists who spend months in the field studyin..

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The End of Money

by: David Wolman

For ages, money has been represented by little metal disks and rectangular slips of paper. Yet the u..

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IT Savvy: What Top Executives Must Know to Go from Pain to Gain

by: Peter Weill

Digitization of business interactions and processes is advancing full bore. But in many organization..

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A Sense of Urgency

by: John P. Kotter

Most organizational change initiatives fail spectacularly (at worst) or deliver lukewarm results (at..

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by: Cordelia Jenkins (Mint)

on his way to winning a one-way ticket on the Mars One mission, the controversial former Comptroller..

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Forecast What Physics Meteorologyand the Natural Sciences Can Teach Us About Economics

by: Mark Buchanan

In this thoroughly researched and piercingly intelligent book, physicist Mark Buchanan shows how a s..

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When Genius Failed The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital Management

by: Roger Lowenstein

Picking up where Liar’s Poker left off (literally, in the bond dealer’s desks of Salomon Brothers) t..

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World 30 Global Prosperity and How To Achieve It

by: Pankaj Ghemawat

The world looks far different today than it did before the global financial crisis struck. Reeling f..

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Money Mania Booms Panics and Busts from Ancient Rome to the Great Meltdown

by: Bob Swarup

Money Mania is a sweeping account of financial speculation and its consequences, from ancient Rome t..

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The 25 Most Dangerous Sales Myths

by: Stephan Schiffman

In this latest addition to the highly successful 25 Sales Skills series, America's number one corpor..

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Email Revolution : Unleashing The Power To Connect

by: V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai

Email revolution is quite an interesting book, given the times is written in. VA Shiva Ayyadurai has..

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Emotionomics: Leveraging emotions for business success

by: Dan Hill

For far too long, emotions have been ignored in favor of rationality and efficiency. However, breakt..

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The End of Competitive Advantage How to Keep Your Strategy Moving as Faas Your Business


The context of business has changed so rapidly over the past few decades that it may be time for a n..

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The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die

by: Niall Ferguson

From renowned historian Niall Ferguson, a searching and provocative examination of the widespread in..

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Getting to Yes Negotiating an agreement without giving in

by: Roger Fisher & William Ury

The world's bestselling guide to negotiation. Getting to Yes has been in print for over thirty year..

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Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Your Behavior Across Cultures without Losing Yourself in the Process

by: Andy Molinsky

“I wrote this book because I believe that there is a serious gap in what has been written and commun..

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