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Human Resource

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Hiring an Employee

by: Harvard Business Review

Your hiring decisions can make or break your team. Hire the right employees, and your team's perform..

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Hiring and Firing

by: Fifty Lessons

The Lessons Learned Series Wondering how the most accomplished leaders from around the globe have ta..

Rs 1995 Rs 1,895.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,895.25

Who Moved My Cheese: An A-Mazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life

by: Spencer Johnson, M.d.

It would be all so easy if you had a map to the Maze.If the same old routines worked.If they'd just ..

Rs 1095 Rs 1,040.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,040.25

Facilitating Reflective Learning: Coaching, Mentoring and Supervison

by: Anne Brockbank

Facilitating Reflective Learning: Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision is written by two leading expe..

Rs 1895 Rs 1,800.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,800.25

The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace

by: Lindsey Pollak

Millennials have become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and Generation Z workers are r..

Rs 1595 Rs 1,515.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,515.25

Talent Wins: The New Playbook for Putting People First

by: Ram Charan

Most executives today recognize the competitive advantage of human capital, and yet the talent pract..

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HBR Emotional Intelligence Boxed Set

by: Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, Annie Mckee

How to be human at work. HBR's Emotional Intelligence Series features smart, essential reading on th..

Rs 5995 Rs 5,695.25 Ex Tax: Rs 5,695.25

Leadership At Scale: Better leadership, better results

by: Claudio Feser

Traditional approaches to leadership development focus on a small number of individuals at the top. ..

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Dealing with Difficult People (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

by: Harvard Business Review

stay calm in a tough conversation? How do you stay unruffled in the face of passive-aggressive comme..

Rs 895 Rs 850.25 Ex Tax: Rs 850.25

Results Management: Effective People Management to Achieve Excellent Results: Achieving Results Through and with People

by: Teong Wan Ong

An exceptional book culminating from decades of practical experience. Real–world examples are pepper..

Rs 995 Rs 945.25 Ex Tax: Rs 945.25

Leading: Business and leadership skills from the iconic football manager

by: Alex Ferguson

What does it take to lead a team to world-class success over a sustained period of time?Sir Alex Fer..

Rs 1850 Rs 1,757.50 Ex Tax: Rs 1,757.50

He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys

by: Greg Behrendt

The international bestselling dating guide by the writer of Sex and the City, now adapted into a hot..

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Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management: Over 7,000 Terms Clearly Defined

by: A Ivanovic

This dictionary offers over 6,000 key terms covering all aspects of human resources, including recru..

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The Tao of Loyalty: Winning with Employees Response Books

by: Ajit Rao

In today's business environment, people, rather than products, technology and processes, are increas..

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Management Briefs HR for Line Managers : Best Practice English 1st Edition

by: Conor Hannaway

Frank Scott - Lennon is the creator of and is also an experienced Management Co..

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The Complete Career Makeover

by: Nic Paton

Have you reached a crossroads in your career? Do you want to start your own business or go freelance..

Rs 1395 Rs 1,325.25 Ex Tax: Rs 1,325.25

Experiential Learning: A Handbook for Education Training and Coaching

by: John P. Wilson, Colin Beard

Experiential Learning enables educators, trainers, coaches and facilitators to unleash some of the m..

Rs 2195 Rs 2,085.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,085.25

Preparing Your Own

by: Rebecca Corfield

The expert advice provided here gives every would-be worker the chance to get the job they really wa..

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Interviews: Collins Business Secrets

by: Heather Salter

The interview secrets that experts and top professionals use. Get results fast with this quick, easy..

Rs 695 Rs 660.25 Ex Tax: Rs 660.25

How To Get A Job In Publishing

by: Alison Baverstock, Steve Carey and Susannah Bowen

Careers in the media have always been popular, but publishing is particularly competitive, with thou..

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Introducing Getting the Career You Want: A Practical Guide

by: Katherine Sorrell

Introducing Getting the Job You Want supports you through all the stages of finding your perfect job..

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Top Talent Keeping Performance Up When Business Is DownMemo to the Ceo

by: Sylvia Ann Hewlett

During tough economic times it's more vital than ever to hold on to and leverage your top performers..

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Topgrading Third Edition: The Proven Hiring And Promoting Method To Turbocharge Company Performance

by: Bradford D. Smart


Rs 2495 Rs 2,370.25 Ex Tax: Rs 2,370.25

Human Resources Disputes And Resolutions

by: Harry Sherrard

What is the procedure if an employee calls in sick but is later spotted in the park playing with his..

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