Project Management

Project Management

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The Jugglers Guide to Managing Multiple Projects

by: Michael S. Dobson

Dobson says that you must first have a strong foundation in time management and priority setting, th..

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Successful Project Management: Apply Tried and Tested Techniques Develop Effective PM Skills and Plan Implement and Evaluate (Creating Success)

by: Trevor L Young

The role of project manager requires maintaining a balance between the demands of the customer, proj..

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Linking Project Management to Business Strategy

by: Dragan Milosevic and Dov Dvir & Hans Thamhain Aaron J. Shenhar

Organizations often focus on short-term results, such as immediate financial goals. However, project..

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Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

by: Elizabeth Harrin

Collaboration is key whether you're a small, medium or large organisation, helping keep staff c..

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Getting It Done - Project Management in Action

by: PMI

Are you a project manager? When people ask what you do, do you reply “I Get Things Done”?If you work..

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Instant Manager: Project Management (IMC)

by: Phil Baguley

Whether you are finding your way as a manager or you want to enhance the skills you already have, th..

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Quantitative Techniques for Project Management

by: Retty Velayoudam

This book is the first of its kind focusing on Application of Operations Research Techniques (Mathem..

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Project Management for Profit

by: Roger Thomson

The holy grail of project management is knowing, in terms of both budget and time, where you stand a..

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